Euphoria Denali

Euphoria returns to the 49th State Brewery for Summer Solstice!


Flamingosis (the name comes from a freestyle Frisbee move that his father invented) is an electronic music producer, beatboxer and entertainer. Gathering influences from other beat makers, such as Flying Lotus, J Dilla and Madlib, Aaron is able to take these sources of inspiration in order to come up with his own unique style.

DeadPhish Orchestra


The Deadphish Orchestra is a quartet of Colorado musicians who, above all, are close friends who have played music together for many years. They had played Grateful Dead songs together, and they had played Phish songs together. But they got to wondering what would happen if they tried to merge the music of these two bands. Boom DeadPhish was born! 



Willgood is from  Amarillo Texas and resides in Austin,Texas where he works & deejay's.  He started collecting & playing vinyl in middle school where he'd  special order LPs from the local hastings. His roots are in hip hop & house but always play's to the crowd.  Most of the time you can catch him performing with Jay Fresh! 

Alex Mealy

Alex has been traveling over the years, soaking in the unique musical styles planet earth has to offer.  Electronic tones steeped in folk heritage and equipped with his ukulele and a story.  Bring a sharp knife to cut a rug....

Clint Samples 

Longtime DJ and producer, and co-founder of Spectrum Music & Arts Festival. Purveyor of psychedelic sounds and hypnotic visual stimuli. With versatility and audial prose, he curates visceral andgenre-bending sets that tell stories, inspiring the listener to engage and reflect. To feel and move. He manages a playful exchange of energy back-and-forth, sharing in the delivery and reception of an experience that is woven by both himself and his audience.

Haunted Surfer

Haunted Surfer (aka Samuel Sease) is a Producer and DJ based out of Anchorage, AK. He has been forging his own icy sound, taking a new approach to deep house and bass house. Although he is relatively new to the scene, he has a natural ear for creating beautiful haunting melodies. Haunted Surfer has developed a unique style, forging colorful compositions with creatively manipulated samples. He creates tracks to purvey thought and feeling, striving to evoke vicarious emotion in the crowd, regardless of the venue.

Jasper Chili

Born in a seedy Alaskan pizza pub, Jasper Chili’s music is as whimsical as their name implies. The band’s live performances often feel like you are hitched to the saddle, plotting your course into the great unknown. Described as new old-fashioned American music with an international flare, your ears and dancing feet will not be let down by the heady soundscapes

Zay Shaeffer


Zay is a singer/songwriter from Stillwater, OK. He's spent the past 10 summer's working in Denali National Park & draw's inspirations from the surroundings.  He also is an extremely talented artist with multiple publishings & coloring books!